F-Class 1

F Class is divided into two categories:

F-Class Standard - restricted to .308 with 155 gn projectiles, or .223 with 80 gn projectiles (as it is in Full Bore ).
In Standard there are two possible configurations. Using a Bipod, or using a Front Rest. With a Front Rest, the rifle has an 8 kg weight limit including sights and all attachments, excluding the front rest. If a Bipod is attached to the Rifle the whole combination may weigh 10 kg.
All Rifles must have a 1 kg trigger pull. Restrictions apply to exactly what powders ( only ADI ) and projectiles ( about 4 specified ) you can use. This to a large degree causes the contest to be won by marksmanship and wind reading without too much technology.

F-Class Open – is open to any calibre up to 8mm. Any projectile, any case, 'safe trigger', 10 kg rifle weight limit including attachments. This is favored by the more technological types who like to run at the leading edge, high BC using the 'best' bullets, powders, cases, barrels etc.

Both Classes shoot from 300 meters to 1000 yards, on a modified ICFRA target. With 2 optional sighters and 10 shots to count. We score out of 60, with a 'super V' in the centre for countouts etc.

Our F Open members are always searching for the best ballistic solution for their shooting enjoyment. Cartridges in use include 22BR, 6mmBR, 6.5x 47, 6.5 Super LR, 6.5x284, 284, , 284 Shehane, 7mm SAUM, and 300WM.

Projectiles range from 90 gn 22 cal, to 230 gn 30 cal.


Mike just after shooting 60 out of 60 with his 22BR @ 800m !

Interested in F-Class ? Call or email our

F Class contact, John Cranwell


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Dave adjusting for the wind



And taking the shot























































































































































































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