Range Map & Members Booking Info

Range Map


Rifle Range Use Available For Members only,

Private Range use must be co-ordinated by contacting Club's Range
Co-ordinator - this is non negotiable

1. Notify the Club's Range Co-ordinator ( 0414778350 ) of dates you wish to use the Range and pay the Range Fee ($5/member) at the next Club day.

2. Note: the Farmer has priority outside of Club scheduled activities on the
whole property and use of facilities otherwise is to be with their
express consent.

3. Ensure one other responsible person, minimum (no exceptions), who is of
driving age to be on the Mound whilst shooting is in progress.

4. Ensure Red Range Safety Flags are displayed at both ends of the butts and
at the Freeway entrance.

5. Observe all Range and Safety Rules and return equipment to its normal
storage facility before leaving.

6. Ensure gates are left as found as there is normally stock somewhere on
the property.

**** Club Chronograph is available by prior arrangement.

**** Members are encouraged to arrange groups for testing/practice sessions
where possible to maximise the opportunity.

Range Coordinator :

STEVE WUTTKE   (M) 0414778350